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30ML   189 MG/THC 41 MG/CBD


APPLICATION:  Believe in oneself, cultivate inner power, control the mind, awaken to your true potential, release the past and release pain the body.  When the body and mind enters into a cycle of stress the impact on our immunity and over all health can be detrimental, which is why the Hawk Stress Tincture was created. To exit the loop of stress we must come back to ourselves and the oneness that is everything which can be difficult if we are in physcial pain, so this tincture is here to release the cylcle of pain on a cellular level.

TOTEM: Hawk is always able to see the bigger picture.  Allow yourself to step back and know you're always on the right path.  When we are able to take a step back and see the whole picture of our life from Hawk's point of view we have access to the whole rather then just a tiny portion, which enables us to see the magic that is actually happening all around us.  It's easy to get stuck in an 'issue' or health concern, but use the view of hawk to life you out of present circumstances and resonate with a positive outlook to empower your present moment awareness.  Choose to BELIEVE in the positive and magical guidance of your life and choose to train your mind to see only that, what you focus n expands in your world and what you CHOOSE to focus on is just that, your choice.  So what do you choose to focus on?

INFORMATION:  The fractionated coconut oil base for this product allows your body to fully absorb the cannabinoids from the cannabis flowers as they are absorbed through fat cells while also nurturing your stomach lining.  Our specific Northern Lighters Flower is here to ignite your own inner creativity so you may be aware of new ways of thinking while the CBD Tonic Flower will relax the muscles, ease the stress hormones and allow your system to exhale.  Brahmi comes in as a cellular detoxifier as well as an unwinding of trauma as it helps to release cellular trauma that you may be holding onto.  The Holy Basil in this formula is here to help reduce stress and anxiety in the body and mind while simultaneously increasing your stamina.  Holy Basil has also been known to reduce depression and inspire longevity in the mind.  The Oat Straw in this formula is here to help with overall exhaustion and to decrease muscle pain along with help with insomnia.  Passion Flower is a complete healer in her own right as she helps decrease anxiety, depression and inflammation in the body and spiritually, it's also well known for being a great soul soother.   The lavender will ease the soul as well, decrease inflammation int he body and decrease depression and anxiety making this herbal make up one of incredible healing alchemy.

INGREDIENTS:   Coconut Oil, Northern Lights Cannabis Flower, CBD Tonic Cannabis Flower, Brahmi, Holy Basil, Oat Straw, Passion Flower, Lavender.


Medicinal Relationship Chart

Northern Lights #5 has CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA aligning itself with the correlating chart to the left.  This is the medicine that is going into your body as you use the salve, an example; CBDA reduces inflammation and inhibits cancer cell growth.  The THCA aids in sleep, suppresses muscle spasms and also inhibits cancer cell growth.  THC and CBD have all the other components listed in the chart.  (More info. coming on CBD Tonic Flowers)

This is a multi dimensional plant your working with here, it touches in the body on many different levels and even though we can see clearly just how it DOES effect the human body, the unseen is also very powerful.  The plant has a strong presence and you can feel that as well using it as a salve, so always set an intention for the use and see yourself already in the state of health you desire, like your wishes have already been granted.