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30ML   189 MG/THC41 MG/CBD


This interwoven mixture of medicinal compounds was birthed with the intention of creating higher spaces of awareness, bringing more light into the importance of daily ritual and enhancing one’s connection to all that is.  Northern Lights has an extreme tendency to create a tingling tuned in effect as it begins to be absorbed by your fat cells, it enters your system and ignites the cannabinoids in your body to feel a more heightened state of awareness.  This sensation can be classified as ‘highly aware’ or ‘amplified sensory perception.’  When I alchemize this element with peppermint, lavender, and fresh lemon peel while setting the intention for a soothing awakened atmosphere I begin to heat the mixture.  The fractioned organic coconut oil perfectly absorbs all of the healing properties from these powerful herbs holding strong as they come together to form an all over body awakening.  Once this dance begins to calm, I strain and jar the oil to then sit out and absorb the moonlight on the night of a full moon each month.  We make one batch per full moon, and this activating cleansing action takes the medicine to a whole new level.


Suggestions for Use:


I like to wake up,  light a candle and begin to set my intentions for the day while I visualize what I want to accomplish and how I want that day to look.  I then place a full dropper of Manifestation Tincture on my tongue and close my eyes.  I see everything I wish for coming into fruition in that very moment.  I see everything I want to happen fall into place and I allow the vibrations of the medicine to enhance this feeling to that next level where the universe picks that up and begins to toss it back to you immediately.

This sets my day up for a beautiful unfolding of alignments, like everything is falling into place perfectly. Sometimes my interpretation in the moment may be one of frustration towards a certain event, but later I always see how in the end, it was all part of the whole.


Medicinal Benefits:


This tincture is created with the intention of daily dosing for preventative medicine and ritual enhancement.  As you take small doses overtime, you begin to build the THC and CBD’s up in your body which come with it the wave of healing offerings that have been found to occur while using this medicine.  The dose portioned out in a full dropper is a micro-dose, meaning most won’t feel typical cannabis effects from taking this dose.  It may produce something very minor, but overall most people using this medicine are creating daily self-love rituals enhanced with the loving healing value of THC and CBD without effecting their daily life with ‘high’ effects.



APPLICATION:  Open the heart, manifest one's desires, calm the mind and release all judgement.  When we open our heart to the unlimited nature of this universe we begin to see that we truly do live in a world of magic and all we have to do to KNOW that is train our mind to see that.  Manifestation comes through for those who tune into to what they truly desire then go for it with stead fast movement.  If there are things you want to manifest for yourself in this life for your health, or dreams, or finances know that they are all possible!  Allow this alchemical tincture to inspire your heart to know this truth!

TOTEM:  Tatanka has the stead fast movement for evolution.  Continue to move forward, see yourself already in possession of your end goal now and always push forward no matter what may seem to be impeding you.  Tatanka has magical powers to always move ahead in a sheer state of persistance, meaning Tatanka doesn't see anything as good or bad black or white, but she see's things as a challenge to be overcome or a beautiful moment to be cherished.  Once you remove the thought that some instances are good while other's are bad you'll always be in the limited thought of judgement.  If you can train your mind to be like Tatanka and see everything as something that will cultivate your soul and shape you to be stronger and wiser then everything will be viewed through a positive lens and therefor being you more positive feelings.  These positive feelings once expanded become your unlimited manifesting potential.

INFORMATION:  The Fractionated Coconut oil in this medicine allows your body to fully absorb the cannabinoids which then inspire you to calm, center and heal.  The Northern Lights Cannabis Flower is here in this alchemical make up to fully enhance your creative mind and allow the 6th sense to be activated, while the CBD Tonic Flower relaxes the body, eases the muscles and reduces inflammation bringing you back to your abundant center.  Lavender was chosen to relax your system, enhance your intuition and allow all anxiety and depression to begin to melt away while your true inspired self begins to shine through.  Lavender can also help to inspire visions as once the body is relaxed, the spirit is meant to soar!  Peppermint was chosen to soothe the belly and any abdominal discomfort, the abdomen is where your center of power lays and when that center is balanced and soothed you can fully feel empowered which is crucial to believing in yourself.  Peppermint can also restore the body from radiation damage and nurture the cellular structures your systems allowing you to feel vital and soothed.  Lemon has been chosen as it's well known to be a blood purifier and immune system booster while cleansing the stomach.    The stomach is the center of all our health and when we nurture the stomach, we nurture and empower all the other systems.  The Moon Light in this medicinal offering is utilized by creating the alchemical tincture, then allowing the jar to rest out and absorb the moonlight for an entire night cycle so the medicine can pull in the mystical empowerment of the most powerful pull we know to date.  Once we infuse moonlight into the medicine we can then set our intentions before we ingest it, which will be amplified in a massaive way by the moonlight that will stand behind any desire you wish to manifest.

INGREDIENTS:   Coconut Oil, Northern Lights Cannabis Flower, CBD Tonic Cannabis Flower, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon and Moon Light.


Medicinal Relationship Chart

Northern Lights #5 has CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA aligning itself with the correlating chart to the left.  This is the medicine that is going into your body as you use the salve, an example; CBDA reduces inflammation and inhibits cancer cell growth.  The THCA aids in sleep, suppresses muscle spasms and also inhibits cancer cell growth.  THC and CBD have all the other components listed in the chart.  (More info. coming on CBD Tonic Flowers)

This is a multi dimensional plant your working with here, it touches in the body on many different levels and even though we can see clearly just how it DOES effect the human body, the unseen is also very powerful.  The plant has a strong presence and you can feel that as well using it as a salve, so always set an intention for the use and see yourself already in the state of health you desire, like your wishes have already been granted.