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“Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.
— Hamza Yusuf

Cami Walker, New York Times Best Selling Author 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving can change your life and creator of www.29gifts.org

"I love the pain salve and massage oil, I instantly felt more calm and my pain felt relieved.  I love the use of animal totems in the product line, and all the tinctures are very potent and taste amazing.  These medicinals are helping me heal and feel more at peace."


“I can’t say enough good things about this line, specifically the ‘owl pain salve’ product for my sore muscles.  I apply it every night, and it helps to relax my sore and tight muscles and sleep deeply.  I am very sensitive to the energetic of products, and this one had an immediate resonance for me.  Incredible impressed, as I haven’t found anything that works this well for me or my husband before, ever!” 

Cesar Vernier, Chef

"In the line of what I do, which is lots of lifting and moving heavy pots of bone broth, my body especially my arms and shoulders are really sore at the end of the day.  I noticed that from the day i put your Owl Salve on these parts of my body I could feel the soreness in the muscle dissipate.  It smells like nothing Iv'e ever tried  (This is a good thing) before and I love it because it doesn't leave you with an oily skin and the smell vanishes rather quickly once exposed to air."


"I was using all the products in my vast natural healing toolbox to help control the pain and speed the healing of 3 fractured ribs, all without much success. I started using the Owl Salve and felt an almost immediate shift into pain relief. I am so grateful to have found a product so well crafted with healing intention! It is my new go-to in my bag of natural healing tricks."

Marta Claire Du-Lacey, Clar Senses Body Work

"I clumsily cut into the edge of my big toe nail fold and lacerated it to the flesh which made my toe bleed for a while.  When I went to put my socks and shoes on to go to work the next day, my toe was throbbing immensely.  I am on my feet all day every day so this was a big problem for me.  When I would come home from work my sock would be covered in blood.  I tried Neosporin and arnica and even took IB profin but nothing gave my toe any relief.  A few days after the incident I ran into Scarlet at the horse barn and told her about what had happened.  She told me about the Owl Pain Away Salve she had just made and gave me a sample to try.  I took the salve home that night and applied it right away.  The pain dulled almost immediately!  After days of agony I finally found relief!  I started to apply the salve in the morning and again in the afternoon.  The laceration healed within two weeks and thanks to the Owl Pain Away salve I was able to work with out being bothered by pain!  I recommend it to anyone with aches, pains, soars and wounds!"

Tatjana Kovac, Vet Tech

"I'd previously thought of CBD oil as something to use for pain relief and was using White Fox's Horse CBD oil to help with acute bodily pain after a fall. What I'd unexpectedly received along with the pain relief was the return of a solid night's sleep! I'd tried other natural remedies to help with the affects of Menopause and an increase in anxiety due to lack of sleep. I am so very happy to have found this natural and nurturing CBD oil to erase my nighttime anxiety and insomnia." 

Olive Smith, ESQ

"I feel cared for when I use White Fox Medicinal products. The care put into each step of it’s creation is palpable. From the gorgeous Miron glass containers, to the absolutely divine smell of the Owl Salve and White Crow massage oils, to the healing story and animal totem imagery given with each product to help guide myself through the healing process-each product commands my attention! When I have these products around I am delightfully compelled to take conscious time for myself. Using the oils and salves is, for me, the equivalent of taking an any day moment and shifting it into a sacred time for my well being."


"This salve works very well...is not excessively greasy and does not smell funny... Few weeks ago I was kicked in the elbow by an aggressive, shod, large, bay, TB mare - bruised both bones and many muscle attachments badly enough to affect my wrist and hand - 4 x/day applied - pain and swelling decreased significantly, I did not have to use NSAIDS at all or take any time off from working.... I am a fan"

Teresa Crocker, DVM