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30ML   189 MG/THC41 MG/CBD

APPLICATION:  Enter into a state of calm, relaxation, abundance, gain peace of mind, create ease in the muscles and create a beautiful and restful nights sleep for yourself.  The intention of entering into the vibration of tranquility is to allow the higher powers to move through you forever guiding you to your visions.  When we relax and feel at ease, we can enter into the flow of the universe and when we enter into this flow magic is possible.  That's where alignment happens and sheer guidance is heard and can be followed.  It's a beautiful boon to be able to feel at peace in this world and with whale medicine in our body we can feel the grace of the ocean taking us into a state of deep inner peace.

TOTEM:  Whale moves with the grace of an angel and has a softness only an open heart can feel.  Allow a light-hearted playfulness to take you through your path.  You are always being guided and when you soften, you glide!  Whale energy is soft and graceful, but it is also one of the strongest forces in the ocean, whale can go with the flow but he can also make waves!  Feel your inner strength grow to new heights as you learn to create beauty and visions manifest through softens rather then force, but if you have to use force then do so with grace like the whale shows us!  Show your strength like a whale, then glide off into the distance reclaiming your inner peace for speaking your truth.  Playfulness is also one of the most amazing attributes whale carries because when we laugh and play, we can actually open up our nervous system and allow old patterns to be released, for good!

INFORMATION:  Fractionated Coconut Oil is the base for this tincture giving your body the platform to fully absorb the cannabinoids offered, as your body absorbs this through fat.  The Northern Lights Cannabis Flower is a specific Phenotype only available here at White Fox Medicinals™️ so your going to have the same effects from every bottle you purchase.  you'll be able to create a long term relationship with our medicine and know what your getting every single time.  CBD Tonic Cannabis Flower is also a specific seed start we have only here at White Fox.  It is a very special CBD Strain that we fell in love with due to it's quick and relaxing effects it has on pain and irritation.  This CBD is one of the most unique CBD's I have found to date and it is used every time we make a tincture, so you will always be getting the same cannabis flower every time allowing you to fully trust your experiences.  Brahmi is here to have a positive impact on cognitive performance allowing you to create a sharpness of mind, while staying relaxed.    Gotu Kola is best known for her benefits around fatigue, anxiety, depression while improving memory and intelligence, which supports brahmi and the Cannabis compounds in a dance of sheer alchemy.  Passion Flower is known to lower the blood pressure therefor promoting relaxation, reduction of anxiety, addresses ADHD symptoms, reduction of inflammation and has been known to also soothe hot flashes.  Chamomile is also a strong anti-inflammatory, used for muscle spasms, helps to fight anxiety and depression and also helps reduce stomach ulcers from stress.  Lavender is best known for relieving stress, improving one's mood, promotes restful sleep, reduces inflammation and loves to soothe stomach bloating.  Vanilla has been chosen due to it's many anti-oxidants which help to nurture the body, relieves depression, contains anti-inflammatory benefits and also improves mental health. Kava Kava, and yes you say it twice is best known for reduction of stress and anxiety while helping to heal disruptive sleep patterns.  The calming elements of Kava Kavacan help to offset stress and anxiety related to ailments of the body.  NOW you can see why this alchemical make up is here to not just help you stay chill, but under the surface as you consume this medicine on a daily basis your actually allowing your body to abosrb many health benefots in alignment with over all abundant health and vitality.

INGREDIENTS:   Coconut Oil, Northern Lights Cannabis Flower, CBD Tonic Cannabis Flower, Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender, Vanilla, Kava Kava


Medicinal Relationship Chart

Northern Lights #5 has CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA aligning itself with the correlating chart to the left.  This is the medicine that is going into your body as you use the salve, an example; CBDA reduces inflammation and inhibits cancer cell growth.  The THCA aids in sleep, suppresses muscle spasms and also inhibits cancer cell growth.  THC and CBD have all the other components listed in the chart.  (More info. coming on CBD Tonic Flowers)

This is a multi dimensional plant your working with here, it touches in the body on many different levels and even though we can see clearly just how it DOES effect the human body, the unseen is also very powerful.  The plant has a strong presence and you can feel that as well using it as a salve, so always set an intention for the use and see yourself already in the state of health you desire, like your wishes have already been granted.