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30ML   108 MG/THC    123 MG/CBD     1:1

APPLICATION:  Reduce inflammation, reduce pain and relax the nerves, aid in sleep as well as ease the busy mind.  If your muscles are tight and your body is in pain, this is the medicine for you.  The high CBD content will shut down the THC receptors so you won't get the typical HIGH sensations, however many do feel a relaxed sensation and a relief from the pain they felt before they ingested the medicine.  This is a great aid to help with sleep as well, for ti totally relaxes your systems and allows you to sink into a deep state of relaxation.

TOTEM:  Wild Horse strength is limitless as well as unbridled. Allow the strength of the horse to push you through any obstacle. This is oil is strong enough for a horse, so I invite you to strap in.  Horses have a very unique sensitivity, and it enables them to read all the energy around them for miles and miles which allows them to tune into any possibility.  This pain remedy is here to unwind your pain and allow you to tune into that same expansive field of opportunities all around you!  Allow the strength of the horse to inspire you to stay strong, to keep moving forward and to always remember that YOU ARE MAGIC!

INFORMATION:  The fractionated coconut oil in this medicine allows your body to fully absorb the numerous health benefits of the CBD Tonic flower, which has many gifts for you.  The CBD Tonic carries an unusual line of terpenes which you will feel shortly after you ingest this medicine.  It's got a very real relaxing effect and may allow pain to dissipate out of your system.  It has the ability to reduce stress, release anxiety and also help uplift one's mood!  CBD Tonic is a unique Phenotype found just here at White Fox Medicinals™️ as we started her from seed and kept her exclusive for our own clients.  You will get the same experience every time you ingest the medicine as we use the same flower every time!

INGREDIENTS:   CBD Tonic Cannabis Flower and Coconut Oil.


Medicinal Relationship Chart

CBD TONIC FLOWER has CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA aligning itself with the correlating chart to the left.  This is the medicine that is going into your body as you use the salve, an example; CBDA reduces inflammation and inhibits cancer cell growth.  The THCA aids in sleep, suppresses muscle spasms and also inhibits cancer cell growth.  THC and CBD have all the other components listed in the chart.  (More info. coming on CBD Tonic Flowers)

This is a multi dimensional plant your working with here, it touches in the body on many different levels and even though we can see clearly just how it DOES effect the human body, the unseen is also very powerful.  The plant has a strong presence and you can feel that as well using it as a salve, so always set an intention for the use and see yourself already in the state of health you desire, like your wishes have already been granted.