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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the Tinctures with CBD/THC strong?

All the ingestible tinctures were created to be able to be taken on a daily basis.  That being said, everyone is different.  We always suggest when you consume our product for the first time you take a half suggested dose, then wait two hours.  Depending on what you perceive to be the strength of our product is how you should proceed.  These products are intended for daily medicinal medical use to be able to achieve the creates amount of benefits from the medicine.

If I use the Massage oil will I feel high?

Great question.  No one has felt altered in the same sense as one would when they ingest Cannabis oil directly, however the feedback from the White Crow Massage oil is always that the experince feels like they are more connected to source, light of foot and more tuned in.  Sensitivities are activated, but the head space remains clear.

Does the owl salve make you high?

The owl salve has the same kind of vibration as the White Crow Massage oil, meaning no one has reported getting 'high' from it.  The owl salve does work quite fast in reducing pain and inflammation, but has yet to alter the mind of anyone in a way where normal daily functioning is prohibited.

How long to these products last?

All the products created here at White Fox Medicinals are made from organic compounds with organic dried herbs.  Since we use fractionated coconut oil as the base for the CBD/THC medicine we have a 5 month suggested shelf life, if kept in a cool dark place and out of the direct sun.  If you have an opportunity to keep your tincture bottles in the fridge they will last even longer.  They can spoil if left to get to hot, as the compounds change and begin to disintegrate from over-heating.

Is there any way you can ship me CBD/THC Products?

No, we do not ship or sell any CBD/THC products on line.  They are only sold through California dispensaries as White Fox Medicinals is located in California.  It's against federal rules and regulations.

Where can I submit my testimonial?

If you too have had an incredible medicinal experince with one of our products we would love nothing more then to hear about your experince.  Please email scarlet@whitefoxmedicinals.com with your thoughts and feeligns aorund your experince so we may thank you and post them on our site for other peopel to refernce.